1. Connect Kids Volunteers - Our volunteers serve faithfully throughout the year, and deserve a break. Our kids matter, and deserve to go to a fun and engaging class that teaches them about God’s love. If we don’t have enough volunteers to run Connect Kids safely, then we may have to shut it down and the kids will be in the service with you! When you go to pick up your kids, please sign up for one Sunday this summer. We greatly appreciate it!

2. WORSHIP NIGHT - We will be having a Worship night Sunday, May 29 at 6:30PM at our 14th Ave Campus. Join us for an awesome night of worshiping our awesome God. 

3. Gravity Fundraiser-  If you are looking to get some delicious food and help out Gravity at the same time, here’s your chance! You can purchase Mama’s Dumplings during the break and after the service. $10/10. It’s a great deal!