NEW SERIES - Join this Sunday as we start a brand new series called The Shadows. Dealing with what lives in the dark. In this series we look at exposing the "leaches" in our life to the light and experiencing the freedom that comes with vulnerability!  

BANDS, BAKING, AND BIDS - Gravity and Youth Impact are hosting a joint benefit to raise money for both their organizations. There will be bands, baking and bids (awesome prizes). April 30th 6:30PM at the Key City Theatre. Tickets are$15 and you can buy them at the Key City or online at

LOVE IN ACTION Monthly Initiative : MOTHER’S DAY! - This Mother's day we would like to support Haven Gardens, Its a safe housing community for mother’s facing domestic violence. There are 8 mom’s that we asked for 3 wishes from for this mother’s day. Can you help us celebrate and recognize these wonderful mother’s? (We will have lists of the mom’s wishes at church this Sunday).