CONNECTION GROUP OF THE WEEK: Young Married Group - Meets on Thursday nights at 7pm. Typical evening consists of watching a video and having a small group discussion afterwords. If you are 18 -30 yrs old we welcome you to join this group this Thursday! For more info or questions email

CHILD FREE - CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EXTRAVAGANZA: The Youth, Gravity, are doing a fundraiser for YC 2016 and would like to offer a morning, child free for you to go out and get some shopping done for Christmas or whatever you may need. Kids aged 3 to 12 are welcome with a minimum donation of $5 a child. Drop your child off at 9am and pick up at noon on Saturday Nov. 28th at the 14th Ave Campus, Large Room (200 14th Ave N). For more info and/or to register your child email

OPEN MEN'S EVENT: On Friday Dec. 4th men are invited to hangout @ 6:30pm at the 14th Ave Campus, Large Room.

NEW SERIES: Simple Christmas